There’s no atmosphere quite like a Dublin pub. Live music, fantastic beer, and friendly patrons constantly asking “where ya’ from”? You can only imagine how this atmosphere changes from 8:00 (and a few… Continue reading


    Inspired by one of my favorite pizzas (not your typical marinara and mozzarella combo), I decided to recreate said pizza into a simple yet delicious sandwich/appetizer. All you need is bread, cream cheese,… Continue reading


Unique cosmopolitan architecture and an incomparable nightlife on the beach, add in some sangria and paella and you start to get a taste for a typical weekend trip to Barcelona. For the cosmopolitan aspect check out La… Continue reading

United Arab Emirates

  Capital of the United Arab Emirates and a beautiful arabian travel destination, Abu Dhabi is an industrialized Middle Eastern emirate destined for success. Similar to Dubai, Abu Dhabi was once a settlement… Continue reading


Budapest. Budapest is one of the most underrated, vibrant, and hip (or as some say “uniquely alternative”) cities in Europe. Some even call it the Paris of Eastern Europe (though it is actually… Continue reading


Just outside of Florence lies the city of Siena and if Florence embodies the Renaissance then Siena perfectly embodies the Middle Ages. Dark brown brick buildings shoot from the ground like towers and… Continue reading


Dare I say it? I have found my favorite Italian pasta dish. Bucatini All’Amatriciana is a popular dish through out Rome, and to my delight extremely easy to recreate.  start out by getting… Continue reading

Catholic Rome

Some of Rome’s most beautiful sites don’t actually take place outside amongst the cobblestone streets and vibrant old houses, but rather inside it’s numerous ornate churches. In the year 313 AD Emperor Constantine developed the… Continue reading


Making authentic Italian pizza may sound intimidating, fortunately it’s anything but. Although it is a two day process making dough and having it rise, this simple procedure has delicious results. All of this… Continue reading

United Arab Emirates

Whenever people ask me my thoughts on Dubai I always say the same thing: It’s a giant Islamic Disney World. Although that may be an understatement, Dubai is a cosmopolitan, globalized, and luxurious… Continue reading