On April 29th I hopped on a train with a group of friends from Spain, France, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, and Romania to Amsterdam for Queen’s Night.Queen’s Night is the night before Queen Beatrix’s… Continue reading


Capital of one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe, Copenhagen is a city filled with beautiful architecture, clothes, and people.The name Copenhagen comes from the original Danish name “merchants harbor”.A name that sticks to this… Continue reading


Capital of the Dutch speaking Flanders province, Antwerp is home to some of the greatest Flemish painters and some of the rising fashion stars of today.Antwerp’s central station sets the tone for a… Continue reading


    Canals wind through the whimsical and medieval perserved Belgian city of Bruges.   Bruges at one point was the chief commercial city of the world.Bruges connected the lowlands to trade routes… Continue reading


An Art Nouveau mash of modern architecture with French and Flemish history, Brussels is the capital of Belgium and an international city with great beer, food, and art. The Grand Place or Grote Markt is… Continue reading



The motto goes as follows: “Money is made in Rotterdam, divided in Den Hague, and spent in Amsterdam” A modern architectural landscape hosting one of the largest ports in the world and a cutting edge… Continue reading


Berlin is not an attractive city based on other European standards, but beneath its construction lies an underground club culture, cutting edge art scene, and a story of a people completely buried in the ashes of world… Continue reading

Czech Republic

Really the only word to describe my initial feeling of Prague is enchanted. Like a long lost fairy tale tied with communist oppression and Nazi occupation, the story of Prague is not only… Continue reading


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