DSC_0035For six months of my life I lived in the small Dutch town of Leeuwarden.DSC_0698Located in the Friesland, a northern providence of the Netherlands known for its Frisian cattle, unique Frisian language, and future culture capital of the Netherlands.DSC_0052Like most Dutch cities, Leeuwarden is embedded with canals.  Although sailboats can potentially make one late to class,DSC_0699Canals have a certain charm.DSC_0242Leeuwarden is home to many notable figures including infamous spy Mata Hari, graphic artist MC Escher, and many others.DSC_0065Leeuwarden is also home to many unique Dutch architectural pieces. Including one of the tallest buildings in the Netherlands, the Achmeatoren.DSC_0050As well as the Oldehove, an unfinished clocktower that leans more than the learning tower of Pisa.DSC_0693And a beautiful neogothic church which is located in the downtown center.DSC_0021I think what sets Leeuwarden apart from Amsterdam, is that it gives vistors a true dose of Dutch culture.

DSC_0033Gezelligheid, is the one word that is indicative of Dutch culture. Truth be told, it is a Dutch word that barely translates into English. Gezellig, can be used to describe any cozy, inviting, and enjoyable atmosphere.DSC_0013Whether its an open fire, fresh flowers, or just the friendly demeanor of the citizens, Leeuwarden embodies the Dutch sense of Gezelligheid whether indoors or out.DSC_0028Living in Leeuwarden for six months were some of the most enjoyable, fun, and gezellig days of my life, and I’m looking forward to returning to the Netherlands and seeing how this incredible Dutch city continues to evolve.