DSC_1545Infamous for its luxurious beaches, the Algarve is the southern providence of Portugal and the country’s main tourist jewel.DSC_1461Faro is the southern most city in Portugal and the hub for travelers to explore other parts of the Algarve.DSC_1462Cheap flights turned Faro into a popular tourist destination for many Europeans and is also known for being a beach party town during the holidays.DSC_1386The city  has its quiet moments and provides a unique mix of Moorish and Iberian architecture. DSC_1444sun baked clay sand and large shells make for a complete paradise.DSC_1451The sandy banks of the lagoon has protected Faro from the destructive earthquakes that frequent Portugal.DSC_1642Lagos, a two hour bus ride from Faro was once capital of the Algarve until a major earthquake and tsunami destroyed it.DSC_1618Lagos has a wide range of beautiful white washed buildings and is home to the ultimate patron of Portugese exploration: Henry the Navigator.DSC_1617Lagos is incredibly impressive and a day trip hardly suffice. DSC_1547Although the city centre is beautiful, the real award winner goes to the beaches.DSC_1506The lithological diversity of Lagos is what makes the beaches so distinguished and picturesque. DSC_1635Today Lagos is a popular tourist destination and ranked number 1 by trip advisor in 2012 for “destinations on the rise”.DSC_1639The Algarve is an easy trip from Lisbon and definitely a must see for those travelers: European or American who want to escape the city and hit the beach.