DSC_1116Not much convincing was necessary to persuade me to take a trip to Portugal.DSC_1154Terra cotta rooftops,DSC_1129Stark white established buildings that line the sea,DSC_1042and old elevated cobble stone streets.DSC_1125Lisbon is a beautiful city and the oldest capital city in western Europe; Which is easily noticed.DSC_1262Amongst the winding cobble stone streets are uniquely perserved buildings lined with tiles.DSC_1143Lisbon has a unique character that contrasts due to its post modern urban environment and historical backdrop.DSC_1256Unlike most European capitals, Lisbon has a very linear and comprehensible downtown; Credited to the reconstruction from an 18th century earthquake.DSC_1206The downtown center of Lisbon (Baxia Chiado) is host to an incredible night life of street musicians, out door gatherings, and 4 euro half liter mojitos.DSC_1211The city is also a feast of various old architectural designs.DSC_1251Roman, Baroque, Modern, Post Modern and everything in between flow seamlessly across piazzas. DSC_1231It’s hard not to enjoy life when you’re so close to the ocean.DSC_1236Especially in such a beautifully maintained and culturally rich area.DSC_1170With iconic tram cars and an underground metro, it’s simple getting across the city with the public transit. DSC_1268The district of Belém is easy to visit and hosts some of Lisbon’s major tourist monuments.DSC_1299Jerónimos Monastery is a prime example of Manueline architecture, an ornate and complex stone design named after King Manuel who is buried inside the monastery.DSC_1280Although dark inside, the complex interior hosts a mixture of late gothic architecture with African influence.DSC_1305On the coast of Belem is the monument to Portugal’s infamous discoveries and travels.DSC_1320Fostering Christopher Columbus, colonizing Brazil (along with many others), and creating dynamic trades with Asia and Africa, Portugal has been a benefiting country of voyages.DSC_1328Moorish towers and local limestone construct the Tower of Belém; A fortified tower during the age of discoveries and current symbol of Lisbon.DSC_1377Spending three days in Lisbon hardly allowed me to scratch the surface, but the sights I did see and the experiences created were definitely some I will never forget.