DSC_0905The moment we looked out our hostel window we knew we were in paradise.DSC_0010So we got a car,DSC_0962met up with our Mallorcan friend Cata who used to live in the Netherlands.DSC_0923and explored this beautiful Spanish islandDSC_0919

DSC_0925Which of course meant hitting the beach,DSC_0931DSC_0930DSC_0971DSC_1000drinking,DSC_1011island hopping,DSC_1040DSC_1052swimming,DSC_1070and watching the sunset.DSC_1079DSC_0003DSC_0013After exploring the Mallorcan nightlife we decided to find some hidden beachesDSC_0086DSC_0018DSC_0022Pictures hardly do justice to a completely serene spectacle. DSC_0043DSC_0049DSC_0063DSC_0065I had never seen such light blue clear water.DSC_0075We also explored some caves,DSC_0088and hung out with some cows.DSC_0092DSC_0100Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.DSC_0117DSC_0118Palma, is the capital of the islandDSC_0119and a popular tourist destination for many Europeans.DSC_0128DSC_0130Palma was originally used as a nationalist base during the Spanish civil warDSC_0134and in the 1950s gained huge profit through tourism.DSC_0165Today it is a retirement destination for the wealthy.DSC_0236For breakfast we tried their traditional pastries, an ensaïmada DSC_0200Eventually working our way to some sangria, spanish olives, and olive oil.DSC_0209Tapas: boquerones, or Spanish anchovies with vinegar and lemon . DSC_0211Jamón, chorizo, manchegoDSC_0308Black squid ink paella and the traditional with fresh seafood. (X_X incredible).DSC_0217DSC_0234DSC_0248Palma has an incredibly old history dating back to the Paleothic period.DSC_0251DSC_0287DSC_0106Palma also is home to the Palma cathedral: La Seu. DSC_0152This massive cathedral is made completely out of local sand/rock and took over 300 years to finish.DSC_0263The cathedral is known as the light cathedral due to the large amount of stain glass and even includes some Gaudi renovations.DSC_0278DSC_0297DSC_0291The harbor hosts both sailboatsDSC_0294and yachts.DSC_0971From the beaches to the crazy nightlife Mallorca was an incredible experience, and I can only hope to one day return to this Spanish paradise.

DSC_0243This would not have been the same without Cata. Thank you Cata for an amazing time.