DSC_0744On April 29th I hopped on a train with a group of friends from Spain, France, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, and Romania to Amsterdam for Queen’s Night.DSC_0759Queen’s Night is the night before Queen Beatrix’s birthday and the whole city of Amsterdam is eager to start the festivals early.DSC_0761Queen Beatrix kept the date at April 30th in order to honor her mother’s birthday.DSC_0763This Queen’s day was special due to the fact that Queen Beatrix passed down the throne to her son Willem-Alexander.DSC_0765Orange crowns were passed around to welcome in the King and officially being King’s Day.DSC_0781Crowds of people came to see the event as Queen Beatrix abdicated her throne.DSC_0789Although only appearing as a speck on my camera, it was definitely one of the coolest moments in my life seeing the Queen and now King of the Netherlands.DSC_0847Then the partying starts…DSC_0811DSC_0819DSC_0805Amsterdam’s canals are flooded with orange party boats.DSC_0823DSC_0796Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family dating back to Willem van Oranje. DSC_0791Queen’s day also allows Dutch people to freely sell things on the street. From second hand antiques to laughing gas, all sold without taxation.DSC_0844The entire city of Amsterdam parties on Queen’s dayDSC_0837It’s impossible not to find a spot without music in the air or drinking in the street.DSC_0853DSC_0859The entire city may get trashed, but the Dutch know how to have a good time. Queen’s night and King’s day was an unforgettable experience, and would not been the same without the awesome group of people I went with.