DSC_0255Capital of one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe, Copenhagen is a city filled with beautiful architecture, clothes, and people.DSC_0257DSC_0268The name Copenhagen comes from the original Danish name “merchants harbor”.DSC_0445A name that sticks to this day due to Copenhagen’s many harbors, canals, and large stretches of shopping.DSC_0408Copenhagen has the Stroget which offers the largest shopping zone in Scandinavia.DSC_0481DSC_0427

DSC_0297Nyhavn is the picturesque harbor in which fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen lived.DSC_0728DSC_0293DSC_0306During WWII, Copenhagen’s architecture was not bombed due to Hitler’s interest in the Danes. DSC_0316Danish Jews didn’t have to wear a star of david on their jacket, many crossed the øresund to Sweden.DSC_0450DSC_0324Not only a bike friendly city, Copenhagen has many parks and residential areas.DSC_0431In many ways visiting Copenhagen felt like looking into a perfect society of blond haired, blue eyed, stylized people.DSC_0280The number of beautiful buildings and people seems countless.DSC_0351DSC_0396The local cuisine focuses itself on fresh seasonal ingredients.DSC_0397Smørrebrød is a typical Danish open faced sandwich

DSC_0398Each open face sandwich features unique toppings on top of thick delicious grainy bread.DSC_0401DSC_0663DSC_0662From pate, strong danish cheese, mayo, shrimp, or any anything in between-Each smørrebrød has a unique delicious combination.DSC_0661DSC_0402According to my Danish friend Smørrebrød is not typically eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I didn’t mind.DSC_0510After loading up on food, many Danes have the ability to grab their children and take them to an amusement park situated right in the downtown of Copenhagen.DSC_0411Tivoli Gardens is the world’s second oldest amusement park and an inspiration to Disney World.DSC_0513DSC_0551DSC_0524Rollar coasters, rides for kids, alcohol, Tivoli has it all.DSC_0532Including weekend concerts featuring Danish DJs.DSC_0550If the architecture, people, food, and the fact that they have a downtown amusement park sounds too perfect. Cross the border and enter ChristianiaDSC_0355Once a Danish military base on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Christiania was settled by hippies in the 1960s.DSC_0433This park-like complex is considered a free city where drugs are sold, people drink beer in public, and they even have their own currency.DSC_0437Photos aren’t allowed, but this place was seriously one of the coolest places I’ve ever witnessed set beside a pristine harbor city.DSC_0443Christiania would not be considered a child attraction, a quick realization many parents made as approaching the free city.DSC_0627Denmark is also known for it’s beautiful castles, one of the best in Scandinavia being the Frederiksborg Slot in Hillrød.DSC_0659A castle with a reputation that procedes itself.DSC_0600DSC_0613DSC_0630DSC_0579DSC_0621DSC_0625DSC_0595DSC_0636DSC_0571Denmark’s efficient rail system and small country makes it easy to explore Danish castles.DSC_0681DSC_0680DSC_0698Kronborg Slot located in Helsingør is inspiration for the setting of HamletDSC_0693Kronborg (Elsinore) overlooks Sweden across the øresundDSC_0696

DSC_0477Pretty is hardly a justifiable adjective to simply describe Copenhagen.DSC_0309 Canals where you can see fish, stylized houses, trendy bars, Copenhagen seems to have it all.DSC_0354From the people to the architecture, Copenhagen was the prettiest city I’ve seen in Europe. With so much perceived perfection it’s no wonder Denmark has such strict immigration laws.DSC_0488