DSC_0063DSC_0059Canals wind through the whimsical and medieval perserved Belgian city of Bruges.DSC_0058


DSC_0068Bruges at one point was the chief commercial city of the world.DSC_0153Bruges connected the lowlands to trade routes with Venice which resulted in great prosperity.

DSC_0075DSC_0074The downtown center retains many of its traditional Flemish medieval roofs.

DSC_0092Bruges is definitely known for its picturesque landscape.

DSC_0126Bruges in many ways is similar to Venice, Prague, and other cities modeled to look after their former glory.

DSC_0078One of the major downsides being LOTS OF TOURISTS.DSC_0086Climb the Bell Tower? Line. Go take a river cruise? Line.DSC_0158It’s not difficult to find where to eat, there’s a line for that.

DSC_0089DSC_0133Exploring this romantic city suddenly starts to feel like an unpleasant orgy of camera snaps, loud englishmen, and maps…lots of maps.

DSC_0111Maybe spending Easter in Bruges was a bad idea, but it was nice to stroll the streets of an old Flemish city…even with an obnoxious American family that wasn’t my own.


DSC_0139I also had one of the best meals since being in Europe. Though the pate may not look like much, it was easily the best pate I’ve ever had. I tried not to look crazy as I nearly licked the plate.DSC_0142The next meal was no different. I tried a typical Flemish stew called Waterzooi. Creamy, light, and really amazing. I definitely was surprised at how much better Flemish food is compared to Dutch cuisine. A little french influence goes a long way.DSC_0143The meal even concluded with a chocolate mousse that made me realize my entire life I’ve only had fluffed chocolate.

DSC_0132DSC_0155DSC_0785There also is an abundance of chocolate shops.DSC_0175With some of the best chocolate in the world.

DSC_0095DSC_0151It may house a subway next an incredibly old medieval monument, but that’s simply Bruges. Pull out your map, buy some chocolate, you’re a tourist, I’m a tourist, hey look how pretty that church is.