Unique cosmopolitan architecture and an incomparable nightlife on the beach, add in some sangria and paella and you start to get a taste for a typical weekend trip to Barcelona.


For the cosmopolitan aspect check out La Ramblas, for the historical aspect check out the gothic district, and for a taste of Catalan culture prepare to learn about Antoní Gaudi.


Barcelona strongly prides itself on being Spanish Catalan. No architect embodies the Catalan culture like that of Antoni Gaudí, a pioneer of neo-gothic architecture and a style unlike any the world has seen.


His most renowned work being the jewel of Barcelona, the Sagrada Família.


Although Gaudí was unable to see it finished (estimated to be completed in 2026-2028), this church is unlike any church in the world.

DSC_0378 DSC_0439

Mostly inspired by natural elements such as trees, roots, honeycombs, and leaves, Gaudí uses organic tessellations, hyperboles, parabolas, and other mathematics combined with nature to create his unique architectural touch.


Each pillar in the Sagrada Família has a different sized base in order to make you feel like you’re in a forest.

Other popular works by Gaudí include:DSC_0301

Park Güell, which employs a typical Gaudí technique of curving recycled broken tiles into functional pieces of artwork.



Casa Batlló, a house that completely embodies the element of water and the feeling of Dr. Seuss.


Shimmering fish scale walls,  facades that evoke the surface of water lilies, and glass that refracts  water in the same way light does.


Casa Milá or La Pedrera, an apartment complex that gives every single room access to natural light without a single straight line.


The rooftop of Casa Milá also has many unique statues, which inspired George Lucas’s storm trooper helmets.


Though exploring the works of Gaudí is fun, the real enjoyment in Barcelona starts at night.DSC_0360 Barcelona has a wide range of bars and amazing clubs, many of which are situated on the beach. Go to Chupitos and get a Monica Lewinsky shot for a unique experience ; )Barcelonaclub

The whole overhype of nightlife in Barcelona is well met at Sotavento.

Prepare to party until 4 or 5 in the morning.


Wake up late to enjoy a plate licking good Paella and tour of Spanish cuisine, I was lucky to have booked a hostel next to arguably the best tapas bar in Barcelona.

2012-11-30 20.15.29Quimet & Quimet.

Creamy yogurt underneath a layer of fresh salmon and drizzled honey. Swordfish, balsamic reduction, topped with a spicy pepper. All paired on top of a crostini, the tapas at Quimet & Quimet were some of the best bites I’ve ever eaten.

2012-11-30 21.25.35

2012-11-30 19.42.57 2012-11-30 20.00.54

Pair it with a nice Rioja wine, and you’ve got one unforgettable Spanish meal.


Overall Barcelona is a unique city proud of Catalan culture and unrivaled nightlife.