Just outside of Florence lies the city of Siena and if Florence embodies the Renaissance then Siena perfectly embodies the Middle Ages.

DSC_0083Dark brown brick buildings shoot from the ground like towers and narrow winding streets make Siena appear to be a Medieval Italian labyrinth.Siena has a tall town hall building in order to be at the same height as the church.DSC_0082The cityscape of Siena really puts one back into the feeling of medieval times.

DSC_0013Siena, like most Italian cities also has a unique culinary scene. The Tuscan region is well known for serving game meats such as boar, rabbit, and deer.DSC_0046Offen referred to as peasant cuisine, the food of Siena also capitalizes on using all parts of the animal.

DSC_0071While in Siena, I had an incredible meal consisting of beef spleen, pate, and a spicy chicken liver salad.

For those of you who are picky, I can only tell you one thing….you’re missing out.


In Siena I was also introduced to Grappa. After the waitress left what looked to be  flavored water, I poured myself a glass, took a chug, and almost threw up my entire meal. Grappa, besides being one of the most disgusting alcoholic drinks I have ever tasted, is made from the remains of grapes (seeds, stems,etc) and is very alcoholic (between 70 proof to 120 proof). Never again will I make that mistake.DSC_0094Siena also has in my opinion, the most beautifully unique cathedral in Italy.DSC_0101Imagine if the imagination of Tim Burton was converted to Christianity and doused with some ouija board mysticism, you might get somewhere close to the beauty of Siena’s Duomo.

DSC_0073DSC_0141Due to the dim lighting, photos hardly do this place justiceOr maybe it was the grappa…DSC_0192