Dare I say it?
I have found my favorite Italian pasta dish.
Bucatini All’Amatriciana is a popular dish through out Rome, and to my delight extremely easy to recreate. 

start out by getting some pancetta, bucatini (a long straw like pasta), onion, and garlic.

Begin boiling water. Once ready, add in your bucatini.
Warning, DO NOT break your bucatini in half like spaghetti. Bucatini is extremely long and thick, you’ll need to put your pasta in and ladle the hot water over the top until the pasta is flexible enough to be fully submerged.
In another pan add some olive oil, diced onions, and garlic (use sparingly).

Next dice up and add your pancetta. If you don’t have pancetta at your disposal, you can substitute with bacon and lots of salt.

Once your onions and pancetta have browned a bit, add your tomato sauce. Personally I use Arrabiata sauce because I like a little kick. If you’re in the United States you can use marinara, and if you’re really feeling ballsy you can make your own. Stir in some salt, pepper, and basil. (Or add some chili flakes to spice it up)

Once your sauce is simmering, it is time to introduce your bucatini. Stir your noodles and sauce together and top it off with some parmesan

Prepare yourself to slurp down some bucatini; It’s no easy task but it is a delicious one.

Va molto bene (I actually made this three times in a row, it was that good and addictive)