Making authentic Italian pizza may sound intimidating, fortunately it’s anything but.

Although it is a two day process making dough and having it rise, this simple procedure has delicious results.
All of this was made possible thanks to the help of pizza master Noah Zamler.

Start by getting out flour, sugar, yeast, olive oil, and a cup of water.

add your yeast to your cup of water. Stir your yeast and water, and add in a spoon full of sugar. Leave your solution in a dark area (like a microwave) until it foams.

Make a moon crater out of your flour and then add your yeast, water, and sugar mixture.

Time to get your hands dirty. Use your hands and mix your concoction, concurrently adding in some olive oil.

Separate your dough into different spheres and leave in the fridge over night. (cover it with a dish towel to keep it dark and allow the yeast to rise).


The next day take a ball of dough and begin flattening it out, rolling it, and be sure to make it as thin as possible (we’re not in Chicago any more).

Or if you have skills like Chef Noah, you can throw it in the air Italian style.

Next add your toppings. We used pesto and gorgonzola, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Preheat your oven and watch….

The results are delectable.

With so much dough, the options for different pizzas are nearly endless. One typical Italian pizza is quattro formaggi which includes gorgonzola, parmesan, pecorino, and mozzarella.

and the most infamous pizza of Italy, the pizza Margherita.

I promise you will have plenty of leftovers, and what’s better than 12 am pizza?

12 am homemade pizza.