“It smells disgusting” “It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen” “It’s overrated” “It’s unlike any city in the world”. I’ve never heard more contradicting statements about a single city than any other in the world. I was elated to finally experience this Venetian lagoon for myself.

Imagine a functioning city without roads. No cars. No traffic. No honking.

It’s a little difficult to imagine that the city of Venice even exists until you see it for yourself. Situated on a bunch of islands in the middle of the water, Venice is undoubtedly a sight unlike any other. If you are in Italy, a trip to Venice is with out a doubt a must see. Not only is the history of Venice fascinating (strong rivalry with the Roman catholic church and an environment that mirrored that of modern day Amsterdam) but the picturesque landscape tops it off to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

While in Venice I got to experience my first squid ink pasta dish, and the hype lived up to my expectation, it was DELICIOUS.

Overall there was so much more to see in Venice that I definitely plan on revisiting it some day. Definitely touristy, lots of crowds of people, but there is only ONE Venice in the world.

And by the looks of how much it floods, who knows how much longer it will be around.