Beautiful neutral brown, khaki, and cobalt buildings line the streets eventually giving way to the ornate Renaissance facades of marble churches.DSC_0150The city of Florence is an amazing spectacle of  Renaissance art and rich history.DSC_0108I could go on for pages talking about Florence’s beautiful inlaid marble pieces, historical bridges such as Ponte Vecchio, or it’s renown Duomo.DSC_0144 It comes as no surprise that Florence attracted some of the greatest minds (Dante, Da Vinci, Machiavelli) and artists the world has ever seen.DSC_0093Florence is filled with some of the greatest museums in Italy from the Uffizi Gallery (home of Botticelli’s Venus) to the Galleria Dell’Accademia (Michelangelo’s David) and more. My personal favorite would have to be the Palazzo Pitti (The home of the infamous Medici family). Essentially the Tuscan version of Versailles, The Pitti Palace is filled with opulent rooms containing beautiful artwork from famous artists such as Caravaggio.

I think what I liked most about Florence more than any other city in Italy is the city’s authentic pride. Whether you hear it being played on the streets by a group of musicians, displayed in the windows with the Florentine fleur-de-lis, or tasted through the rich Tuscan cuisine.DSC_0173You may be able to characterize Venice, but there’s no mimicking Florence.DSC_0159