No romantic getaway in Italy would be complete without visiting the set of the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

Behold fair Verona.

Although the story of Romeo and Juliet is not true (and reportedly “borrowed heavily” from Arthur Brooke ), You can actually visit the house of Capulet and see Juliet’s balcony which served as part of the setting for the story (supposedly). There also is an Italian appointed Montague house.

Something I found interesting was how back in the old days, the story of two lovers  with rival families and the situation similar to Romeo and Juliet was not unfamiliar.

Besides Juliet’s Balcony, the statue of Juliet where grabbing one boob promises love and the other prosperity, and the infamous lovers lock fence (two people put their names on a lock and then throw away the key), Verona has much more to offer.

Along the Adige river are a mix of buildings ranging from Medieval to Romanesque along side Modern Italian architecture.

Being the fourth most visited Italian city, Verona also is well known for its operas and plays which take place in the Verona Arena. The Verona Arena dates back to 30 AD and is still in use to provide the city of Verona with musical theater and concerts.

Overall the city of Verona is happening city filled with many festivals, beautiful architecture, and lots of Romeo and Juliet souvenirs.