For six months of my life I lived in the small Dutch town of Leeuwarden.Located in the Friesland, a northern providence of the Netherlands known for its Frisian cattle, unique Frisian language, and… Continue reading




Infamous for its luxurious beaches, the Algarve is the southern providence of Portugal and the country’s main tourist jewel.Faro is the southern most city in Portugal and the hub for travelers to explore… Continue reading


Not much convincing was necessary to persuade me to take a trip to Portugal.Terra cotta rooftops,Stark white established buildings that line the sea,and old elevated cobble stone streets.Lisbon is a beautiful city and the… Continue reading


After visiting Amsterdam for a couple of days when I was 15, I decided I would do whatever it took to study abroad in the Netherlands.Six years later and some saved up pay… Continue reading


Along the Main river sits the large German financial and travel hub, Frankfurt.Frankfurt has Germany’s second largest metropolitan region, and is seventh for quality of living (not to mention the most expensive city in Germany).Frankfurt… Continue reading


One year ago I started an internship with Modern Luxury Media ( and lived on State street for the summer. Growing up in Milwaukee, Chicago was seen as the capital of the midwest… Continue reading


Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a visually striking city with a dark history that blends well along the rows of shaded stone buildings.In the sun the bricks shine with a gold hue while on an… Continue reading


The moment we looked out our hostel window we knew we were in paradise.So we got a car,met up with our Mallorcan friend Cata who used to live in the Netherlands.and explored this… Continue reading